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  • 03/28/2013

Our Top 3 Children’s iOS Apps for Easter

Easter is just around the corner and we wanted to share our three favorite kid-related apps for Easter with you. With these free (or nearly free) iOS apps you can decorate eggs without the mess, keep up with the Easter Bunny’s activities, and find out if your child has been a “good egg” or a “bad egg” – yep, all from your iPad or iPhone!

Easter Egg Design Generator – With this app kids can have fun and create some great Easter Eggs for Easter. With over 30 different colors and designs available for your eggs, it’s easy to come up with all sorts of unique ideas. And if you're not feeling so creative, simply tap the egg and it will randomly choose an egg color, and a design – just keep tapping for additional options. Available for iOS. Price: Free

Easter Bunny Tracking Fun – This app is actually 3 apps in one, providing Easter fun for the whole family – keeping you informed on all things Easter Bunny as he delivers chocolates all around the world! The Easter Bunny Blog provides fun tales of the Easter Bunny’s adventures, the Countdown to Easter – does just that, telling you how many days are left until the big day and finally, the Easter Bunny GPS Tracker let’s you know exactly where the Easter Bunny is located and what he’s doing. Available for iOS. Price: Free

Easter Bunny Scan-O-Meter – This fun app for parents helps to remind kids to be good for the arrival of the Easter Bunny, if they want any Easter candy or treats! It’s a "naughty or nice" meter app that reminds kids that the Easter Bunny is watching to make sure they're being good around Easter time. The Scan-O-Meter will scan your child and tell you if he or she is a "good egg" or a "bad egg." If your child's been good, green lights blink, bells ding and you're given a decorated Easter egg. If things go the “other” way – he or she will receive an egg with cracks in it. Note to parents: don’t worry, you control the results, but they’ll never know! Available for iOS. Price: $0.99

Via: macworld.com


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