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  • 03/15/2012

“The New iPad”: Available Tomorrow!

The long-awaited iPad 3 or better known by its given name, “The New iPad,” is finally available tomorrow, March 16th at 8am, everywhere. If you didn’t get on the pre-order list soon enough, by now you’ve probably heard that online ordering through Apple will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Need it now but not down (or able) to wait in line at your local Apple store? Here’s the scoop on some alternatives to obtaining The New iPad on March 16th:

AT&T Stores: Usually are open earlier than Apple Stores. They have not yet received instructions from Apple, but are expected to begin selling the device at 8 a.m. AT&T will only have the 4G LTE models available to sell.

Verizon Wireless Stores: Verizon Wireless’ opening hours usually start later than Apple Stores do, but rumor has it that they might make an exception for this Friday (call your local store), in order to keep on the same time frame as everyone else. Verizon Wireless will only have the 4G LTE available for sale.

Best Buy: Some stores are open 24 hours, but they still plan to start selling The New iPad on Friday morning. No confirmation whether it will sell 4G LTE models, the Wi-Fi-only model, or both. Pre-orders or reservations are NOT available here.

Target and Sam’s Club: Target and Sam’s Club also plan on selling The New iPad starting on Friday, but no word yet as to the quantities, or what models will be available. These stores are not accepting pre-orders, so plan on waiting in line.

Radio Shack: "The Shack" will be selling The New iPad on Friday, but each store is handling it differently. As of last week, all stores started accepting online and in-store pre-orders, but many have already sold out of their pre-orders. Some of the larger stores will be able to accommodate the lines, while others plan on ONLY completing their pre-order sales. So it’s best to call your local Radio Shack and ask if they're still taking pre-orders, and if not, ask if the store will be taking lines of people for any extra inventory.

Via International Business Times


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