• Posted by PureGear
  • 09/12/2012

The iPhone 5 Officially Announced – Available for $199 on September 21

We just finished watching the live blog stream for the iPhone 5, and boy are we excited about the new features announced! We can’t wait to announce the PureGear products that will be available for the 5 very soon, but in the meantime – here’s the skinny on what was revealed today.



• Available on September 21.
• Black or white models available.
• Same pricing as the 4S: $199 for 16gb, $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB (with contract).
• The iPhone 4 is now free with contract; the 4S is $99.
• Pre-orders start this Friday the 14th.
• Shipping September 21st in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore with availability in 20 more countries next month.


• World’s thinnest smartphone at 7.6mm thick (18% thinner than the iPhone 4S).
• 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S at 112 grams.
• Larger 4-inch 326 ppi Retina display with 1136 x 640 resolution (same width as the iPhone 4S but taller).
• New height allows for another row of apps.
• The Apple calendar now shows a full 5-day workweek with the new length.
• Apps now run letterboxed. 1st party apps (iMovie, Garage Band, Keynote, etc.) have been optimized to take advantage of more screen real estate.
• Look for app developers to update very quickly to accommodate the new format.
• The widescreen is closer to the 16:9 ratio that films are made in.
• The screen offers less glare in the sunlight.
• Exceeds the battery life of the iPhone 4S (10 hrs. on Wi-fi browsing).
• New A6 chip is 2x faster than the previous chip (22% smaller and more energy efficient).
• New “Lightning” connector is all digital, has 8 signal design, improved durability, and is 80% smaller and reversible.
• Distinctive new Earpod design incorporates a directed speaker port that points forward into your ear canal.


• Ultrafast wireless.
• Sprint, AT&T and Verizon in the US will all support LTE (LTE can be faster than the average Wi-fi connection)


• 8 megapixels.
• 5-element lens with a F2.4 aperture (same as 4S but thinner); 2 F-stops greater low light performance.
• 40% faster capture time.
• Smart filter to reduce noise and match color.
• Panorama composition capability resulting in a 28 mega-pixel image.
• Click and swipe to compose.
• Automatic smooth out of wavy compositions to align for accurate panorama compositions.
• 1080p HD video
• Face detection – ability to shoot stills while recording video.
• Front facing camera is now 720p (HD) for Face Time (which is now available over cellular networks!).
• Better microphone – three separate microphones now built in to create a wider spectrum of audio to enhance voice recognition and make voice sound more natural.


• Available on September 19th.
• The most advanced mobile operating system available.
• New Maps with navigation feature and enhanced satellite imagery.
• New Mail enhancements – can mark people as VIP so email from them goes to a separate inbox or flag messages for follow-up.
• Passbook manages coupons, movie tickets and boarding passes (Delta and Starwood are already onboard). Ticket will show up on the lock screen.
• Siri updates include game scores (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.) and ability to launch apps by voice, ask for reservations to restaurants, or update to Facebook by voice.
• Phone app allows the ability to send a text back if you are unable to take the call.


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