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  • 10/02/2012

Trick or Track: Have a Safe Halloween with These Mobile Apps and Services

October has arrived and that means Halloween is on the way! For kids of all ages it’s one of the most anticipated times of the year – but it can also be a nerve-racking time for parents. Kids want to trick or treat or go out with their friends on their own, and parents want to have peace of mind. The following free apps for iPhone and/or Android can help make Halloween a fun, safe time for everyone.

Amber Alert: For over a decade, this name has been synonymous with locating children. In order to use this app you need to have downloaded and registered on the Amber Alert GPS Teen app or already have an Amber Alert GPS device. Once you have one (or both) of those, you are now able to download the free "Parent" app onto your smartphone to get all the same benefits available through the Amber Alert GPS Tracking Portal: Live Tracking, Location History, Customized Zone Alerts, Predator Alerts, Speed Alerts, and more! To track a smartphone-carrying tween/teen, multiple smartphones and/or Amber Alert GPS devices, simply download the “teen” app onto your teen’s smartphone and then download the “parent” app onto your smartphone, and you’re in business! Price: Apps are free – pricing for GPS devices starts at $199.00 + your choice of monthly service plans
NQ Family Guardian: NQ Mobile is a leading mobile security and productivity company, dedicated to protecting your mobile device and all the valuable information it holds. They offer several products dedicated to enhancing your smartphone’s security. The NQ Family Guardian is an app that protects your child’s privacy and security, monitors and blocks websites/apps to keep the bad stuff out, it also lets you view your child’s smartphone activities and location, and most importantly it sends an alert message if your child is ever in danger. Price: Free Trial
Find My Kids – Footprints: Footprints tracks and shares locations automatically – in real time, all the time. It does this privately and it allows you to set up Geofences, i.e., your kids’ school, and receive notification when these fences are crossed. You can even activate movement sensors that will notify you each time your loved ones are on the move. This app runs in the background without draining your battery by leveraging Apple's Significant Location Change technology, which monitors location changes as your device “sees” new cellular towers. Price: Free

Do you currently use any of these or will you be downloading one of them now?


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