• Posted by PureGear
  • 05/30/2013

PureGear’s Mobile Gift Guide for Grads

It’s graduation season! Whether your grad is heading off to high school, college or beyond, PureGear has an array of smart, sensible, stylish and affordable products that can help him or her get the most out of the next stage. These gifts are great on their own, or perfect accompaniments for a new mobile device, tablet or laptop.



Folio with Kickstand
Why it’s a great gift:
• Use the taller kickstand to prop a tablet or mobile device in order to watch TV shows, games or movies anywhere – or use it to stay in touch via video chat.
• Prop a tablet or mobile device using the shorter kickstand to type class notes, surf the web or play games.
• Prop it on a tabletop or desktop to access webinars, learning apps and more.
• The folio for the Samsung Galaxy S4 also includes pockets for credit/debit cards and ID, so it can double as a wallet.

Utilitarian® Smartphone Support System
Why it’s a great gift:
• He or she can prop it in the library to use as a study aid, film a lecture, or in his or her room to use as an alarm clock.
• Position it horizontally to watch favorite movies or shows in a dorm room or apartment.
• Clip a device to a rearview mirror to use GPS while driving, or tether it to a backpack, purse or belt on the way to classes or study groups.
• The snap-on grip case and screen shield help keep his or her mobile device protected from drops and scratches.

Retro Game Cases
Why it’s a great gift:
• We like to think of these cases as equal parts conversation-starter, fun design element and device protector.
• It’s the perfect distraction while waiting for a shuttle, meeting, or outside of class on days when his or her device has run out of battery power.

ReShieldSelf-Sealing Screen Shield
Why it’s a great gift:
• Choose from two finish options so your grad can enjoy maximum visibility, whether his or her device is a phone or a tablet.
• Protects a device’s screen from wear and tear incurred by greasy fingers, contact with errant key rings and more.


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