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  • 02/27/2013

PureGear Mobile Lifestyle Series: Edwin Hodge, Actor

In our Mobile Lifestyle Series, we talk with extraordinary personalities from all walks of life about their mobile devices – what they love about them, how they use and personalize them – and, occasionally, how they break them.

Edwin Hodge was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina and raised in New York. He recently starred in the remake of Red Dawn with Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, and in May of this year he’ll be appearing in the sci-fi thriller, The Purge opposite Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. Edwin’s television work includes a recurring role as “Wade” on the hit ABC sitcom Cougar Town with Courteney Cox. You may also have seen him in his role as a series regular on Jack & Bobby for the WB, or in recurring roles on One Tree Hill, Heroes, Leverage, and Bones.

1. How did you get started in the business?
I started at the age of three. I was watching The Cosby Show and after seeing kids on the show, I simply told my mom I wanted to be “inside the box” – some would call it a television! She got me to New York and we chose a manager simply because I liked her red hair. I'm still a sucker for redheads. The rest is history in the making.

2. What are you working on now?
I recently finished filming The Purge with Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. I’m now in the middle of filming One Heart with Marc Blucas, Matthew Lillard, Abigail Spencer and Romeo Miller, and I'll be heading overseas to work on a video game this year as well.

3. What has been your favorite gig so far?
My favorite gig so far has been The Purge. It's an extremely intense storyline. It was definitely one of those films for which I was glad to go to work every day. The entire cast and crew put their all into the film – whether it was catching important performances, the stunt work or the catering. Catering is very important for us actors!

4. What role does your smartphone play in your on-set experience?
My smartphone is everything to me! It's just great to know that anything I could need can be found on my smartphone. I read scripts on it, write down ideas for screenplays, play games, find great restaurants, and keep up my social status, of course.

5. What’s the longest you’ve gone without using and/or checking your phone?
I think the longest I've gone without checking my phone is three to four hours. That's usually when I'm sleeping.

6. What are your favorite apps?
My favorite apps would be Zagat, GolfNow, Angry Birds, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Shazam.

7. How often do you update your status, tweet, etc.?
I'm trying to do better with connecting to the world around me. I'm the worst at updating my status. I just never thought my life would be that interesting that people would want to know what's going on with me. I spend more time loading pics than updating my status.

8. Do you have any mobile horror stories?
I have too many to count, probably. The most recent is when I sent a message to a male friend of mine that was meant for a girl I was dating! I won't say what was said, but my friend and I had a great laugh about it.

9. What platform are you on? iOS or Android?
iOS baby! I love my iPhone!

10. When did you get your first smartphone?
I got my first smartphone about 5 years ago. I don't know what I was doing without one.

11. What accessories do you use and what do you use them for?
I definitely have a screen guard on it. I have my wireless head phones, the Mophie extended battery, and that's about it. I keep it simple.

12. What’s your ringtone?
My ringtone is “Hands On The Wheel” by A$AP Rocky.

13. Have you ever lost your phone? What happened?
I've lost my phone a handful of times and it gets worse every time I lose it, because more information is always stored in it and I'm not the best when it comes to backing up my files and contacts.

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