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  • 07/31/2012

PureGear Mobile Lifestyle Series: Anndi McAfee, Voice Over Artist

At PureGear, we design mobile device accessories that are inspired by today’s active lifestyles. In our Mobile Lifestyle Series, we talk with extraordinary personalities from all walks of life about their mobile devices – what they love about them, how they use and personalize them – and, occasionally, how they break them. Along the way, they dish about how they use technology to get through a typical, insanely busy day.

For our very first profile, we’ve selected Anndi McAfee, professional voice over artist and announcer for The Soup on E! (starring Joel McHale) for the past 5 seasons. Her work also includes numerous cartoon series, commercials, video games and promos and a prolific on-camera career, with roles on Home Improvement, Baywatch and Touched by an Angel. Anndi was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she resides today.

1.) What’s the longest you’ve gone without using and/or checking your phone? The longest I can actually remember going without my phone was a tie- 9 days two times in my life. Once in Costa Rica and once in Europe. Both were vacations and I PROMISED myself I worked hard enough to get myself on a vacation in the first place so I would leave work back in the States and ENJOY! (but I had my laptop with me so I was at least connected somehow. Hey, I couldn't sever ALL ties! Sheesh.)

2.) What are your favorite apps? The apps I use most are Facebook and Sudoku. These are my time filler apps that I use in between jobs or auditions when I'm roaming LA by myself.

3.) How often do you update your status, tweet, etc.? With Facebook I go with a need to know basis status update model. Sometimes I have 3 things in one day I have to share with my friends, other times I'm going through a little bit of a dry spell with interesting stuff. I'm not as familiar with Twitter so I tweet probably once a week.

4.) Do you have any mobile horror stories? i.e. dropping your phone, emailing/texting wrong person, autocorrect? Seriously, just a few weeks ago I was driving to pick up my boyfriend from the airport. He got in around 1am and I sent him this text: "I'll be there in 10 min." Well I actually sent that to one of my guy friends accidentally. You can imagine how confused I was when I got a text back from him saying, "Should I light some candles?" Autocorrect is the bane of my existence. I can't believe people can make sense of any of my texts.

5.) What platform are you on? iOS or Android? Droid baby!

6.) When did you get your first smartphone? My first Smartphone was a Blackberry. I can't even remember how long ago that was. 6 years? I think I'm getting old.

7.) What accessories do you use – headphones, armband, screen shield, etc. – and what do you use them for? I use a screen shield and a case for my phone. I have a HUGE problem dropping phones. HUGE. I need accessories that limit the damage I will inevitably cause. But I want headphones and an armband so I can take my phone with me when I work out and listen to music.

8.) What’s your ringtone? My boyfriend made me a remix of the Masterpiece Theater theme song. It's amazing. I am a dork. I use that ringtone for him and everyone else gets a "standard phone" ringtone. I'm not a big fan of songs as ringtones or chirping frogs or aliens or whatever. I like to keep it simple. Except for Masterpiece Theater. But I mean how awesome is that theme? REMIXED?

9.) Have you ever lost your phone? What happened? HAHAHAHHAHA. When do I NOT lose my phone. I can't sit still and I tend to do 12 things at once. That means phones get misplaced in all the madness. I am getting a little better though because my phone is my connection to work and I LOVE what I do so it's imperative that I know where my phone is.

10.) Which PureGear products do you like best and why? I use the PureBoom Premium Sound Buds, they are super comfortable and sound great! When I take my dog for a walk, I use them to listen to music (which I stream from my Soundcloud app).



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