• Posted by PureGear
  • 06/12/2013

PureGear’s Mobile Gift Guide for Dads

What do you get for the dad who has everything? How about the gifts of time, convenience and ease of mind – all wrapped up in a well-designed package. If you’re searching for a gift that Dad will love, take a look at some of PureGear’s newest offerings!

Retro Game Cases
Why he’ll love it:
• We like to think of these cases as equal parts conversation-starter, fun design element and device protector.
• It’s the perfect distraction for kids – and grownups – on days when the battery’s running low.

DualTek  Extreme Shock Case + Shield
Why he’ll love it:
• With a case that’s shock resistant for drops of up to six feet, he can let the kids watch cartoons or play a game on his device without worrying that they’ll drop or damage it.
• The ergonomic grip and shock resistant design help him protect his device against slips and drops while he’s working out, at the beach or playground, or “helping” the kids at sports practice.

PX360 and PX260 Weatherproof Extreme Protection Systems
Why he’ll love it:
• With the PX360, he can clip his device to his gear, golf bag or belt and enjoy hands-free access and protection for his phone in the gym, on the course, while fishing, camping or biking, and more.
• Whether he’s on the beach, in the boat, off-roading or working in the yard, the PX260 and PX360 cases will help protect his device from dust and grit, drops and splashes.

Folio with Kickstand for iPad and iPad Mini
Why he’ll love it:
• He can use the taller kickstand to prop his iPad or iPad Mini and watch his favorite shows, games or movies anywhere.
• The grip support helps ensure that his iPad isn’t dropped when the kids “borrow” it to play games.

Slim Shell
Why he’ll love it:
• The case protects his phone from the scratches and dings that happen in a pocket, backpack or briefcase.
• It’s easy to snap on and off and comes in an array of delectable flavors, so he can easily customize his look.


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