• Posted by PureGear
  • 01/17/2013

PureGear’s Best Mobile Accessories for Winter Sports

If you’re a winter sport enthusiast, you understand the importance of having the right gear. So do we. That’s why PureGear products are designed to clip to your outerwear, charge your device on the go, and protect it from falls and drops. When you’re heading to your favorite mountain, don’t forget to tuck these essentials into your bag.



PX360º Extreme Protection System

Smart, simple tips:
• Essentials like the rugged PX360º case, carabiner, screen shield, water-resistant pouch and a utility tool that functions as a kickstand help you get the most out of your mobile device in the great outdoors.
• Clip your device to your belt or gear with the included carabiner and enjoy hands-free access and protection for your phone while skiing, snowboarding, skating and more.
• Check the ski report, find your favorite backcountry trail or snowboard run and enjoy hands-free access to your favorite GPS app.
• The water-resistant pouch protects your phone against snow and ice.

Utilitarian™ Smartphone Support System™

Smart, simple tips:
• This versatile system includes a snap-on grip case, screen shield, clip-on holster and 360º pivot kickstand, so you can clip, prop, access, view, find or protect your device on the slopes, in the car or at the chalet.
• Prop it vertically or horizontally and check the forecast or conditions at your favorite mountain.
• Clip it to a belt or pack to track your location on GPS or pedometer apps, while keeping your hands free for ski poles.
• Tether it to your child’s jacket, so you’ll be able to reach them while they’re sledding, or hang it from your pack or belt loop, so it’s always at the ready to shoot video and more.

DualTek™ Extreme Shock Case + Shield

Smart, simple tips:
• Dropped your device? No problem. With its shock-resistant design that protects your device against drops of up to six feet, this case was made for sports like skiing, skating or snowboarding.
• The ergonomic grip helps keep your device securely in your hands – even when they’re wet, sweaty, or you’re wearing gloves.
• The screen shield protects your phone’s touchscreen against dings or scratches, snow or dirt.

One-for-All Car Charger

Smart, simple tips:
• This portable charger features patent-pending Auto Detect circuitry that is capable of sensing whether you’re charging an iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or mp3 player, to provide a truly universal charging solution.
• Store it in your glove compartment, and your mobile device will be ready to use whenever and wherever your adventures take you.


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