• Posted by PureGear
  • 10/29/2012

Our Favorite Smartphone Accessories for Halloween

Halloween is almost here – and if you are like us, you will want to include your smartphone in the fun on this festive night. Whether you are going to a costume party, heading out for some trick or treating with the kids, or simply sitting it out this year, PureGear has got you covered this Halloween!

Dressing up just not happening this year?

Maybe you’ve been working a lot or have gotten the kids all ready for Halloween and completely forgotten about your own outfit. Not to worry, these PureGear product colors can help bring a little Halloween to any getup.

Slim Shells – These fun and protective cases are available in classic Halloween colors orange and black, or in a variety of additional colors to enhance any ensamble. If you are not doing the whole costume thing this year – you’re still in the spirit of Halloween!
DualTek Extreme Shock Case + Shield – Available in festive Fall colors to supply the mood, and extra protection for your phone from things that go “bump in the night” while on-the-go, trick or treating or just out for a good time with friends.

All dressed up… but where does my phone go?

You have worked really hard getting your costume together – don’t ruin the illusion by carrying a purse or backpack for your phone. These accessories were made to help you have a good time while staying hands- and worry-free.

The Utilitarian Smartphone Support System – Simply clip our Utilitarian onto your costume and stay hands-free and bag-free (well, except for a bag for candy of course!)
PX360 Extreme Protection System – You can also use the PX360’s carabiner to clip your phone onto a trick or treat bag or your costume to party on with abandon. Also, did you know that the PX360’s handy utility tool includes a bottle opener?

Need more Halloween inspiration? Read our suggestions for costume and Halloween safety apps.


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