• Posted by PureGear
  • 02/04/2013

Our Favorite Mobile Super Bowl XLVII Ads

For many of us that watch the Super Bowl every year, the commercials are often (almost!) as entertaining as the Big Game. It’s the time when Madison Ave pulls out all the stops, with star-studded and high production value spots that captivate audiences and keep us talking for days. This year, there were many noteworthy commercials, but of course – our attention was on the mobile-related ads.

Here are three of our favorites that made their debut during the Big Game:

Blackberry 10:
Instead of talking about what the OS can do, this ad focuses on what the new device can’t do – including turning a truck into rubber ducks!

Samsung Mobile USA: Funny men Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd argue about who should be “the next big thing.” 

Best Buy: The hilarious Amy Poehler is one tough customer! Although this ad isn’t all about mobile, we loved her questions about the tech products.


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