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  • 11/28/2012

3 Must-Have Parking Apps for iOS and Android

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it definitely feels like the holidays are in full swing. We’re all out and about a bit more than usual shopping, dining, and socializing – meaning more cars and less parking. Never fear! Here are some free (or nearly free) apps to help make it all more manageable, from finding parking spots to locating your car (hey – it happens to the best of us after a long day of shopping), to paying for parking right from your phone.

iSpotSwap Provides real-time information about available parking giving you the ultimate “insiders edge” to quickly and easily find that perfect spot. Use the “Length of Time” option when tagging your spot to get reminders when your meter is expiring and locate your car easily by choosing “Find My Car” to get point-to-point directions to your parked car. Monitor spots you’re watching through color-coded “pins” on the map (red, yellow, and green) letting you know how soon a spot will be open. Available for iOS – Blackberry & Android coming soon. Price: $0.99

ParkingMate This app allows users who share vehicles to use the “Share” button on the home screen to send parking details to other drivers via email. The recipient will receive an email with all the shared information for reference, as well as a link, which if tapped from a device with Parking Mate installed, will launch Parking Mate and allow the recipient to import any or all details (including active timers and streets with notifications). Available for iOS. Price: Free

Parker Easily find a place to park on street and off-street (including real-time and static information) within over 100 cities and universities. You can search for spots by points of interest or addresses – easily toggling between availability and price. No need to interrupt shopping or dining to feed the meter. This app is integrated with two of the leading smartphone parking payment companies, ParkMobile and PayByPhone, so you can pay for parking directly from your phone! Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free


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You created a cool device, indeed! I just wonder, is it possible to install a Payment Service Provider tool into a smart phone? So that to be able to make online payments from your phone…Thanks for the overview!

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