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  • 10/05/2012

Must-Have Fantasy Football Apps for iOS and Android

Fall is here, and football season is now in full swing! Last month, we shared some apps for watching football games. But what if you are an uber-fan and want to get more involved in the games? Check out these must-have Fantasy Football apps for iOS and Android and stay connected to your league anytime, anywhere!

1. Draft Punk Pro app for Android – With this app, you can create a draft with your custom league settings including PPR (point-per-reception). The rankings update based on your league settings. You can also have multiple drafts for each league. As you draft you can mark players as drafted or interested. Any progress you make gets automatically saved so you can pick up where you left off. Finally, view player profiles including info, stats, and player news. Price: $1.99
2. Sporting News Pro Football app for iOS – Sporting News Pro Football, a proud upgrade and addition to The Zumobi Network, packs as much game information, stat tracking and pure Sunday afternoon bliss that you can find for free on the App Store. With a single tap, get all the latest news, standings, stats for your fantasy player and see if your team converted that key 4th and goal to keep them in the playoff hunt. Set your favorite team within the app to customize the scores and up-to-date game information to keep everything at a glance, as well as changing the theme of the application. Price: Free
3. Fantasy Football Draft Magnate 2012 App for Android – Master your fantasy football draft in 2012 with a fully interactive cheat sheet. Touted as the most sophisticated fantasy football draft app on the market, with over 1,200 players in its database, stats from previous years, auction values, and the ability to track every team and every pick for entire draft. You can also choose which rankings to use, which kind of draft and it has optional keeper league options to protect players, etc. Price: $2.49
4. Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’12 App for iOS – Download this app onto your iPhone or iPad to get real-time live scores, matchups, breaking player news and stats. This version has some brand new updates and bug fixes for the 2012 season and allows full access to message boards once your league drafts. Price: Free
5. MFL Fantasy Football 12 App for Android – To have been rated the best MFL app (MyFantasyLeague.com) for fantasy football leagues for 2010 and 2011, they must be doing something right! You can manage any number of MFL leagues, as well as offer, view & respond to trades, find out who’s trending hot and cold, and so much more! Price: $2.99

Via: appsolutegenius.com


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