• Posted by PureGear
  • 09/06/2012

Mobile Accessories to Help Make the Most of Your Work Day

School is back in session so things are calming down, right? We realize it's not always that easy – fortunately, we design our accessories to complement today's demanding lifestyles.

Now you can work smarter, not harder, with iPhone accessories that bring you enhanced convenience and productivity at the office, on the road or at the worksite. With the latest product offerings from PureGear, it’s never been easier to rip through your to-do list, manage your calendar, catch up on calls, round up supplies or get to your client meetings on time.

Utilitarian Smartphone Support System

• Prop it vertically or horizontally to video conference with colleagues, team members or clients.

• Clip it in your car to use GPS when commuting or traveling for business.

• Keep it propped at your desk to check email or send texts while you’re working on something else.

• Tether your phone to your belt or purse strap for easy access to your calendar and to-do list.

• Clip to a folio when you’re taking your phone to a meeting.

PureBoom Premium Sound Buds

• Take calls hands-free or listen to music while you’re formatting a proposal, catching up on billing or filing paperwork.

• Includes multiple ear bud cushions, to fit comfortably and cancel noise when watching movies or listening to music or podcasts during a business flight.

PX360° Extreme Protection System

• Clip your iPhone to your belt or pants with the included carabiner to keep it protected and tethered to you while visiting client offices or construction sites.

• Clip it to your briefcase or purse to keep your phone accessible at a meeting or sales call.

• Use the utility tool as a kickstand to prop your phone at your desk or worksite for conference calls or videoconferencing.

• Use the water-resistant pouch to keep your phone clean and dry at a construction site.

One-for-All Car Charger

• Keep it in your glove compartment, and your iPhone, iPad or mobile device will never go uncharged, even when on a long commute.

One-for-All Wall Charger

• Keep one in your office and one in your briefcase or purse, so you can charge multiple devices wherever, whenever.

• Stash one in a suitcase to charge devices at your hotel or client site when you’re traveling for business.


Which PureGear accessories do you (or would you) use in the workplace?


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