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  • 08/31/2012

Our Favorite iPhone Apps for Your Labor Day Trip

Everyone has different ideas of how to make the most of a three-day weekend. Whether taking a trip or having a staycation this Labor Day, there really is an app for whatever you’re up to. Check out some of these free (or nearly free) apps for the iPhone, that can help you make the most of your weekend

  • Airbnb – Done with hotels? How about really experiencing a home away from home by staying in someone else’s place? Check out this app that links you up to more than 150,000 rental spaces from regular folks. Price: Free 
  • Breakdown Lane from Car Talk – No one likes to think about car trouble, but it happens. This app locates a consumer-recommended mechanic closest to where you break down, giving you reviews for over 30,000 garages – as well as directions and a direct phone line. The app also has a “Breakdown Assistant” to help you fix minor problems. Price: $1.99
  • Pure Sleep Premium* | AmbiScience – Can you really ever catch up on sleep when on the road? You can certainly give it a go with this app! Get ready for a sonic journey made up from a combination of ambient electronica music and various programs that attune your brain to the desired states of mind. Just make sure you wake up on time to go back to work on Tuesday. Price: $1.99


Via: appolicious.com   


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