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  • 03/12/2012

Cool Mobile Tech at SXSW

Unless you’ve gone off the grid, it is pretty impossible not to have heard something over the past week related to Austin’s annual South By SouthWest (SXSW) Festival. In fact, you kind of have to make an effort to NOT hear about it, i.e. opting out of any and all related news in the Twittersphere.

When all’s said and done, more than 50,000 are expected to have officially passed through the Austin Convention Center over the 10-day festival. Back in 1989 when SXSW launched, its intentions were to draw attention to this city's vibrant music scene. No one could have predicted the festival would turn into a hub for tech companies (both start-ups and large corporations) and Hollywood, to boot.

Whether you are attending or just keeping up virtually, here’s some of the buzz related for cool mobile tech stuff:

Glancee, another app that combines your location with the likes and dislikes of other smartphone users nearby, are trending topics in conversation and the subject of multiple panel discussions.

Clik, a new TV platform and downloadable app, lets you take control of any Internet-connected screen that has a browser, using your smartphone as the remote control. For example, at a party you could show YouTube video on your friend's TV by scanning your phone (iPhone or Android) across the TV.

And speaking of Smartphones, the electrical outlets at SXSW are apparently being ruled by them. Due to the perfect storm of tons of people and a plethora of apps to be downloaded, batteries just can’t seem to keep up. A suggestion for battery preservation is to treat your smartphone how you would when traveling overseas – put it on airplane mode and try to conserve data, turning it on only about once per hour. There are also smart dual chargers for charging multiple devices such as our Dual USB Wall Charger.

However you choose to “power” through it, SXSW Interactive runs through tomorrow (Tuesday the 13th), the film portion ends this Saturday the 17th and the music festival ending on Sunday the 18th.

Via USA Today


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