• Posted by PureGear
  • 08/08/2012

Back to School with PureGear

As you head back to school this fall, don’t forget to stock up on the latest accessories for your smart phone from PureGear. Whether you or your child are going to junior high, high school or college, we’ve got all of the newest tech essentials to help you get the most out of your smartphone for the next semester and beyond. And the best part? You can still get free ground shipping on all these items and more through August 15 on pure-gear.com!



PX360º Extreme Protection System

Why you should check it out:

• Clip your iPhone to your backpack or purse with the attached carabiner, and you’ll never drop it in class or lose it on campus again.

• Use the utility tool as a kickstand to prop up your phone to use study apps or to watch your favorite movies or shows in your dorm room.

DualTek™ Extreme Shock Case + Shield

Why you should check it out:

• Everybody drops his or her phone from time to time. But not every case is shock resistant for drops of up to six feet. If you’re worried about sending a teen or tween off to school with an iPhone, this will ease your mind.

• The added screen shield protects touchscreens from scratches and sticky fingerprints incurred while texting in a cafeteria or dining hall.

PureTek™ Roll-On Screen Shield Kit

Why you should check it out:

• It’s an amazingly easy way to keep your iPhone touchscreen from getting scratched when it’s lying at the bottom of your backpack or purse.

• It’s easy enough for a child or teen to apply themselves.

Utilitarian™ Smartphone Support System™

Why you should check it out:

• Prop it in the library to use as a study aid, or in your room as an alarm clock or position it horizontally to watch your favorite movies or shows in your dorm room.

• Clip your iPhone to your rearview mirror to use GPS while driving, or tether it to your backpack, purse or belt on the way to the next class.

PureBoom™ Premium Sound Buds

Why you should check them out:

• PureBoom sound buds deliver optimal sound quality, whether you’re listening to your favorite tunes or movies or talking hands-free with parents or friends.

• The high-grade mic captures your voice on calls even when you’re in a crowded classroom or dining hall.

Slim Shell Case

Why you should check it out:

• An array of mouthwatering colors lets you or your child express himself or herself and make an appealing style statement.

• The case is easy to snap on and off, and protects your phone from the scratches and dings that happen in a book bag or purse.



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