• Posted by PureGear
  • 03/17/2011

4 Note Taking Apps for Your On-the-Go Lifestyle

One of our favorite websites, 148apps.com, recently posted a review of their Favorite 4 Note Taking Apps. For those of us constantly on-the-go, these apps are a great way to keep track of our daily lives. Here’s a brief listing of the apps they feature:

Highlights: Creates searchable lists quickly and simply, syncs with a few different desktop apps.
Recommended for: The Minimalist

Highlights: Accepts PDFs, images, audio, turns words in images into searchable terms, official App in the Apple App Store.
Recommended for: The Mobile Researcher

NotePad Pro for iPad
Highlights: Drawing feature, records audio.
Recommended for: The Doodlebug

Highlights: Converts (neat) handwritten text into digital text, supports images, maps, syncs via Dropbox.
Recommended for: The Penman

What kind of note taker are you?

Via 148app.com


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