• Posted by PureGear
  • 04/19/2011

Introducing Our New PureTek™ Shield Kit!

PureGear is proud to introduce our new PureTek™ Shield Kit for iPhone, Blackberry, HTC Inspire and Motorola Atrix! With indestructible material and self-healing technology, PureTek protects your phone against abrasive surfaces or sharp objects. Its bubble-free and smudge-proof material provides a crystal clear appearance, and at .2 mm the ultra thin film goes virtually undetected.

Applying the PureTek Shield Kit is made easy with our simple how-to instructions:

1. Use the Microfiber Cloth to clean your device. Make sure no dust or fibers remain on the screen.

2. Remove paper liner, exposing the adhesive. Peel about ¾” back, away from the film. Do not remove the entire back liner. Only peel until reaching the center cut of the left and right tabs.

3. Fold the back liner onto itself and press firmly to seal the adhesive strip. Do your best to crease the back liner so it lies as flat as possible. This will increase accuracy when aligning the DrySeal Film.

4. Gently lay the DrySeal Film onto your screen (glossy, smooth side should face up).  Align the film. Pay special attention to the left and right edges and any pre-cut holes to ensure the film is straight. When the film is positioned properly, press firmly to seal the top strip of the exposed film onto your screen. Make sure no bubbles have formed under the film. Use your fingers or the Easy Apply Squeegee to press out any bubbles.

5. Rotate your device so the top edge of the screen is closest to you. Gently rest the Easy Apply Squeegee along the top edge of the device. Curl back the DrySeal film so that it lays on the squeegee and hand.

6. Use your hand to secure the device in place and gently slide the squeegee forward. The back liner of the DrySeal Film will release as you move the squeegee forward. To minimize air bubbles, keep the entire edge of the Easy Apply Squeegee straight and in contact with the screen at all times. Maintain a light, even pressure as you slide the squeegee forward.

7. Remove installation tab and press out any bubbles that may have formed during installation with your fingers or the Easy Apply Squeegee.

Your screen is now protected!

You may see a slight white haze and possibly tiny air bubbles immediately after application. Don’t be alarmed. This is a normal part of the installation process. Within 24 to 48 hours the adhesive of the DrySeal film will cure the haze and the bubbles will vanish. Don’t worry, you can still use your device in the meantime.


Kristen [ April 26, 2011 at 2:34 pm ]

I SO NEED THIS. throw my phone in my bag all the time and my keys totally destroy the screen

PureGear [ February 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm ]

PureTek™ Roll-On Screen Shield Kit is now available for the new Motorola Droid Razr Maxx! Yay!


Nicole [ February 5, 2013 at 5:07 pm ]

I have had my screen on for over 4 days and I have bubbles still. Can these be fixed? UScellular applied it for me.

PureGear [ February 6, 2013 at 9:57 am ]

Hi Nicole! Our customer service department will be getting in touch with you soon. Thank you.

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