• Posted by PureGear
  • 05/01/2012

Bringing Your Photos to Life with Flixel

You may have noticed the huge recent trend of creative image sharing with popular social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest – and now there’s a new app in town! The latest in image creation is the animated still image, and you can now create these fun and unique shots with the use of an app called Flixel. Flixel allows you to create what are called Cinemagraphs, which are still photos where a movement is repeated, and saves the animated image as a web-friendly GIF format.

Thanks to the Flixel app, advanced photo and editing skills are not required – the app does all the heavy lifting for you. Just snap a short video through the app and then rub your finger over the portion of the photo you wish to animate. If you choose, you can take it to the next level with choosing frames for the animation and Instagram-like filters. From capturing life’s day-to-day moments to creating clever artistic shots, the possibilities are endless!

Download the app for free here, and check out the brief video below that features Flixel’s cool capabilities.

via: fastcodesign.com


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